Saturday, March 14, 2015


The times they are changing...
Four editions 'This is Now!'. Full of Choppers and made with love. It brought me many new friends and in many cool situations. When I started this all I never thought there would be a real magazine, but still it happend. Then I thought there would never be a second edition but..... well you know.
And the release parties where just as good. Man, maybe even better! We danced, drinked, ate and talked bullshit till our pants fell off. We made new friends and met old ones.
For me it's time to start something new, but maybe it's better to say to move on.
So what's going to happen?
From the April edition of the Dutch Bigtwin Magazine I will take care of the new 8 page quire 'BREEZE". All about Choppers, Hot-Rods, Customs and Rock and Roll.
This means you'll have your dosis of greasy vehicles every month!
The sad thing for our foreign readers ofcourse is, it's in Dutch. On the other hand, I do not write that long stories. wink emoticon
I will still attend with the 'This is Now! CHPRS MGZN' booth on many meetings this year. So you can still get your magazines, caps, shirts and patches.
And I will keep y'all posted on this page on anything cool.
For now, check out the brand-new FB page for 'BREEZE'!
And like it if you dare!

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