Monday, January 27, 2014

Release party This is Now CHPRS MGZN - The Next Issue

It's gonna happen.....again!! Another magazine, another party!
February  the 15th we'll all be at Short Cut Choppers in Ede, the Netherlands. Cross+eyed and Banished will perform their loud rock and roll, we'll be having a beer, and the next issue will be available for €5,-! How about that? You're al welcome from 8 PM and we'll party all night! And for all the hardcore chopper riders, you can park your bike right in front of da band!  Well, Sort of!
Hope to see ya'll there!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fedde's Honda Chopper

The Amsterdam Harbour was cold and wet, but it was one of the most inspiring places I've been for a long time. The boats, the seagulls, the mist. It was F.A.B.!!
And Fedde and his Honda where great company!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Last weekend.....

Last weekend was well spend! First I went deep into Germany and found some crazy dudes, racing their WL's through the dirt and rebuilding their engines to gain speed up to more than 150 km/h. Next I went to my buddy no Saint and ate a good steak. next we went to the pub a saw a great rock 'n roll band from Russia with a singer/ guitar player on adrenaline and a balalaika-base player. I drank to much beer and tried to make a midget girl next to me laugh, which didn't work by the way, and then I found out "she" was no girl at all. When I thought I saw old friends in the audience, and wanted to cuddle them, I realised I was to drunk to get home and woke up in a mountain valley where Julie Andrews sang Russian folk songs.... 

O.k., the last part is a lie!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

While we are still working on getting the next issue together we know one thing for sure! There will be a release party at Short Cut Choppers in Ede in the Netherlands!! With live music, beer, indoor chopper parking and the next issue of This is Now CHPRS MGZN!! Hail to the king baby!!