Monday, June 30, 2014

Chimay Hot Rod Show

Chimat Hot Rod show. Wet, wet , wet! 
But we had cool times nevertheless. Thanks to everyone who came by to say "hi" at our booth.

And thanks to Loony, for being a friend this weekend !
Hope to see you again soon man!

Friday, June 27, 2014


We're leaving for the Hot-Rod show in Chimay 
and leave you with a picture of Nisse's Shovel.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How cool's that?!

At the Rumblers BBQ a guy came to me and asked if I wanted to make some pics of his bike. Not for the magazine but for himself. I already noticed him hanging out with some friends of my so I said,"sure!" At the end of the day I took some pics of him and his bike and promised to send them to him and so I did. Jens, 'cause that's his name, was more than happy and started to tease me with pics of something he was making for me.
Today the mailman came, and guess what?!?! Jens made this cool as fuck metal "This is Now! Clock" for me!! Thanks man, it's FAB!!!

 And some of the pics I took during the Rumblers BBQ.

And the man himself, Jens!
Thanks you so much man, It's a great gift for some lousy pictures!

So want any metalwork to be done, or want a cool clock with your logo or any image? Check out his site at Dengel Bengel Metalworks!

Friday, June 20, 2014

The "This is Now! CHPRS MGZN" Ringer!

Available at the Hot-Rod Show in Chimay.

El Parro Choppers

Drinking coffee in the orchard, talking choppers. Visiting the garage, talking choppers. Checking the projects, talking choppers.
Good times with Gert-Jan and his dad at el Parro!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Holy Chopper Batman!

Yesterday we went to church. Not to pray, but to shoot! A photo-shoot that is. When I first saw this bike at a chopper-show the crazy frame caught my eye right away. Don't think I ever saw a "negative" gooseneck before?
 The bike was built by Mutha Choppers in the Netherlands and is inspired by "the Bay Bomber", an 80's Frisco Hells Angel bike.
After the the shoot we visit the shop. Nice projects all over the place and chicken for lunch.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hot-Rod Custom Show Chimay

 In a few weeks you'll find us at the European Hot Rod & Custom show in Chimay!
 The 3th issue will not be released by then, sorry, but we'll bring something new anyway! Hope to see ya'll there!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Good times at the Rumblers BBQ!!

We had such a good time at the Rumblers BBQ. Best weather available, great peoples and a fantastic vibe! Thumbs up for the Rumblers CC!!
For me there wasn't much time to take pictures of the event. Chained at the booth for half the time and doing some rad photo-shoots the rest of the time. Thanks to Marco, Lutz and Jarno who took care of business while I was gone.

Alfons from Planet 10 rides this hardcore Shovel with no conssesions.

 And we met Claus and Fynn. A lovable father and his son. Dad is a skateboard celebrity, musician and producer and Chopper Freak. Just guess what his son loves?

More on Alfons, Claus and Fynn in T.I.N. Tank. The upcoming Tank-special!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Peer's XS and Tin Can Customs

It's been a bit quiet lately. I had to go back to school and there wasn't much time left to do photo-shoots.  But next few months time will be on my side so..... here we go!

Today was a great day! Not what I expected this morning, and my expectations were pretty good. Together with Jessey I went to Amsterdam, where I would meet Peer at Tin Can Customs for a shoot on his XS. But we all got caught up in a good vibe in a cool garage, together with Chris, the shop's owner And I almost forgot I had to take pictures of Peer's XS. Caught up in eating peanutbutter sandwiches, messing around with bikes, checking Chris's joint and just talk bullshit. When we desided to take a ride two bikes needed some work and....... well. It was nothing like what I was expecting this morning. It was way better!