Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How cool's that?!

At the Rumblers BBQ a guy came to me and asked if I wanted to make some pics of his bike. Not for the magazine but for himself. I already noticed him hanging out with some friends of my so I said,"sure!" At the end of the day I took some pics of him and his bike and promised to send them to him and so I did. Jens, 'cause that's his name, was more than happy and started to tease me with pics of something he was making for me.
Today the mailman came, and guess what?!?! Jens made this cool as fuck metal "This is Now! Clock" for me!! Thanks man, it's FAB!!!

 And some of the pics I took during the Rumblers BBQ.

And the man himself, Jens!
Thanks you so much man, It's a great gift for some lousy pictures!

So want any metalwork to be done, or want a cool clock with your logo or any image? Check out his site at Dengel Bengel Metalworks!

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