Sunday, June 1, 2014

Peer's XS and Tin Can Customs

It's been a bit quiet lately. I had to go back to school and there wasn't much time left to do photo-shoots.  But next few months time will be on my side so..... here we go!

Today was a great day! Not what I expected this morning, and my expectations were pretty good. Together with Jessey I went to Amsterdam, where I would meet Peer at Tin Can Customs for a shoot on his XS. But we all got caught up in a good vibe in a cool garage, together with Chris, the shop's owner And I almost forgot I had to take pictures of Peer's XS. Caught up in eating peanutbutter sandwiches, messing around with bikes, checking Chris's joint and just talk bullshit. When we desided to take a ride two bikes needed some work and....... well. It was nothing like what I was expecting this morning. It was way better!

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